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Shed Rental

Shed Rental

Space Rental 

First time rental rate of $200 for 4 hours + 1 hour of set up for a total of 5 hours to do as you choose. 

A $50 deposit for cleaning which is refunded after the event if the following is done:
-Bathroom cleaned: Sink wiped down, mirror void of spots, toilet cleaned, floor swept.
-Floor swept in main area.
-All garbage picked up and bagged (does not need to be taken out).
-Table and chairs wiped down.
-No broken or damaged furniture, walls and doors are found.
-No nails or permanent hooks may be dented into the walls. Temporary hooks are an option ONLY with prior approval.

If you choose not to clean up, which is an option, the $50 is not refunded provided that there are no broken or damaged furniture, walls, and doors noted.

Nystrom Orchard is not interested in pop up boutiques or MLM presentations at this time as we are trying to brand our building around our business. This would be for a private event only.

You are welcome to bring in your own food to serve. As for alcohol, we are in the middle of obtaining an alcohol permit. It has passed through the county but not yet the state. If it is through by the time of your event, we would have to require you to purchase alcohol from Nystrom Orchard Tasting Club. All proceeds from alcohol sales of Nystrom Orchard Tasting Club beyond expenses are donated back to community projects in and around Worthington on an annual basis. If our license is not approved, you would be willing to bring in your own. I cannot give a timeline to a yes or no on this as it is out of our control but we are almost approved.

You are welcome to use our cooler to store cold items but they may not have any odor to them as apples still will be stored in there. Think aromatic cheeses, dips, etc. unless they have a very firm lid would not be allowed.

We have chafer dishes (x4) that you may rent for an additional $10 a piece. They keep food hot for 4 hours+. We also have tasting dishes (white) and real silverware for $5 a person if needed.

If you wanted to serve our Nystrom Orchard cider, we would be able to provide it solely as cider or like a punch or sangria. It is $7/gallon.


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