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First Visit

If you have never visited Nystrom Orchard, this is what you can expect:

During the week:

This is the time to stop in for a bag of apples, a frozen pie, or jar of honey. You are welcome to pick apples as well. We operate a pretty quiet week time experience. In full transparency, most of us work other jobs during the week and are not available to be at the orchard. You will likely be helped by Jean, a 3rd generation Nystrom who is the master at bagging apples. If you want to bring out a picnic while you pick apples, feel free to do so. It's quiet, peaceful, and more of a self service environment.


On the weekends we open our doors for having an experience at our orchard. If you come during the day, we will often be sampling apples as soon as you come in the door. We will give you a guide to picking (if you choose) and almost always have fresh baked pie coming out of the oven, fresh made cotton candy, and hand dipped caramel apples. 

Although our weekend traffic is more, don't worry - we still operate like a mom and pop shop! There is never a long line or overflow parking necessary. We encourage you to check out our events in the evenings. All events require an advanced purchased ticket (available under "Events" tab). Our events are what we are most known for and consistently rate 5 out of 5 in reviews.

There is no admission fee, clumsy rides, or "horse and pony show". Rather, you will be immersed into our operating farm. Feel free to say hello to Kip's sheep in the pen or feed ground fall apples to the cows. Be aware of an occasional semi hauling grain or feed onto our farm and remember that semis make large turns. Walk past the corn or bean field on your way to pick apples, and please ask any questions that you have about farming while you are here! It's what makes our orchard so different than any other one around.

You see, our orchard is a part of where we live - literally! We welcome you to our farm and hope you find connection to a small portion of where your food comes, to agriculture, and to our community.


Regardless of when you come, we promise to offer you this:
- The best apples we have to offer picked at peak season.
- Better customer service than you have had all day.
- A memorable experience.
- The most delicious apple pie that you have ever had.
From Left to Right: 
Tae - Creative Director and Foodie Mastermind 
Sarah - Positive Culture Liaison, Front Shed Host and Late Night Project Master
Kia - Owner, Executor, and Detail Extraordinaire