Our Story

Aaron and Kia are the 4th generation of Nystrom's to live on the orchard that Aaron's family started. Today, you can also find Jean (3rd generation) and Kip, Cort and Thea (5th generation) out in the orchard on any given day.
 A few years ago, a house on the Nystrom land was built along with hundreds of more apple trees. 
3 kids and a few years later, time is certainly moving fast. The dream has been there for awhile to rejuvenate the orchard for the next 4 generations and finally the time has come. 
We want to share our love for this land, the trees, and the fruit that it produces with you. We want you to be apart of our story. We want you to enjoy the fruits of our labor.
So why do we do all of this? Because when we first met, our goal was to build a family business in farming (crops, cattle, and apples) that would allow us to teach our kids the value and ethics of work and would be sustainable enough for a kid to come back to if they choose to. That's our why.