Season begins Labor Day


Answers to common questions about Nystrom Orchard:

Q: Do you have pick your own apples?
A: We do but it is only on certain weekends. Please check our facebook page to check before you come. During the week, we do not allow pick your own due to staffing needs.

Q: Do you have activities for kids?

A: Our neighbors at Grandpa's Fun Farm one mile down the road have everything you could dream of for a fall day of kids activities. We encourage you to stop there on your trip south of Worthington and then stop at our orchard for the best apples around. 

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: Yes we do on the weekends. During the week, we are often open on the honor system. When this is in place, we are not able to take credit cards so please plan ahead.

Q: What are your hours?

A: We have varied hours during the week that we always keep them updated on Facebook. Saturdays we are open 9-5 and Sundays 1-5 during the fall, usually Labor Day - the first week of November. During the week, we are open on the honor system (cash or check only please)!

Q: Can I special order apples?

A: Absolutely! Please call or text (507)-360-1099 and we will help you with your needs! 

Q: Do you rent out your building space?

A: We hope to in the future! Stay tuned!


Q: Are you licensed?

A: We are fully licensed with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to sell apples and baked goods via a retail permit and food permit. 


Q: Do you spray your apples?

A: Yes, we do. We firmly believe in being good stewards of the land. Our goal is to continue this orchard for the next 4+ generations. We continually research and expand our knowledge base to provide the best product to you and we believe that includes providing safe food which we can best accomplish with the use of certain products.