Apple Varieties

At Nystrom Orchard, we pride ourselves on providing you with the finest local apples, grown right in our orchard. Below is a list of the varieties we grow, and always know that our apples are picked at peak ripeness. 
Varieties we grow, and an approximation of when they are ready to buy! 
State Fair - First apple every season, usually ready in late August.
Honeycrisp - Ready after the first frost typically in late September.
Haralson - A tart favorite available in late September or early October.
Fireside - One of the last apples to ripen, usually in mid October.
Sweet 16 - a hint of black licorice to taste in early October.
SweeTango - Bust out to tango late August for this sweet and juicy apple!
Cortland - A cooking delight ripe in early October.
Regent - Hardy through the winter with a tough skin but not ready till late October.
Connell Red - Think caramel for this one once the nights are chilly in October.
Jelly Crab - Pucker your lips in late September!
Keepsake - True to it's name, this yellow sweet flesh apple is ready just when the ground freezes and keeps well into the winter.
Gala - The grocery store Gala has nothing on this apple when it is fresh. Perfect for kids with it's small size and crunch.