Collection: Apples

At Nystrom Orchard, we pride ourselves on providing you with the finest local apples, grown right in our orchard. Below is a list of the varieties we grow, and always know that our apples are picked at peak ripeness. 

Come apple season, check our website, facebook page, or give us a call to see what varieties are available! 

Varieties we grow, and an approximation of when they are ready to buy! 

State Fair - First apple every season, usually ready in late August.

Honeycrisp - Ready after the first frost typically in late September.

Haralson - A tart favorite available in late September or early October.

Fireside - One of the last apples to ripen, usually in mid October.

Sweet 16 - a hint of black licorice to taste in early October.

SweeTango - Bust out to tango late August for this sweet and juicy apple!

Cortland - A cooking delight ripe in early October.

Regent - Hardy through the winter with a tough skin but not ready till late October.

Connell Red - Think caramel for this one once the nights are chilly in October.

Jelly Crab - Pucker your lips in late September