Reduce tail biting and ear tip necrosis in pigs while improving overall gut health.

Get a grip on the nip

  • 100% Apple Cider Vinegar

    GRIP-NIP is 100% Apple Cider Vinegar but made and packaged for use in pigs.

    This means:

    • 0 dilution
    • Longer fermentation process than commercial brands = stronger mother
    • Minimal packaging bulk once used to dispose of.
    • Packaged appropriately for the volumes that you need to manage your barn.
  • 100% natural

    • 0 withdrawl
    • Never pasteurized
    • 0 preservatives
    • 0 filtering

  • The mother

    There is good bacteria, proteins, enzymes and probiotics in every gallon of GRIP-NIP.

    We wait twice as long as any other ACV on the market before bottling to ensure that the mother has time to be healthy and strong.

    The cloudy and stringy mass that develops in the bag - it's the best part, be sure to pour it in!

  • The Product

    It's rare to have a product made from start to finish in one spot, but that's what makes GRIP-NIP different. 100% of the apples used in GRIP-NIP are grown at Nystrom Orchard. From there, we process the apples just feet away from where they were grown in our commercial kitchen. We take our time waiting until the mother is strong and healthy before bottling. Starting with the right apples and being patient are two keys factors in making GRIP-NIP a superior product. From there, we refuse to pasteurize or filter out the good bacteria, enzymes, probiotics, and microbes that form. Leaving these in provides the necessary formulation required to ensure that the product works.

  • Dosing

    • Dose at 4 oz per gallon of stock solution.
    • Each bag of GRIP-NIP contains 128 oz (1 G).
    • Each box of GRIP-NIP contains 4 -1 gallon bags.
  • Packaging

    Unlike gallon plastic containers, our simple to use pour bags take up minimal space in the dumpster once the product is gone.

    If you need to ship this product, please note that it only is available to ship in boxes of 4 - 1 gallon bags.

An apple and a pig...the rest of the story

Sometimes you wonder how a product came to be and GRIP-NIP is one of those stories made for writing.

After spending over a decade in large animal pharma the owner of Nystrom Orchard, Kia, took on the challenge of building an apple orchard with the goal of 0 waste in apple production. A business that had been around for generations in her husband, Aaron's family begged to be more than just a few apples on a shelf.

Nystrom Orchard elevates the orchard experience and taste of apples - it's what we are known for and apart of everything we do. And since pigs have tastebuds, they matter just as much when finding their taste profile. As for the experience, that is for you - the owner and manager. We want your experience while raising pigs to be the best it can be. GRIP-NIP reduces tail biting and ear necrosis to aid in your management practices.

But why do we care about pigs as an apple orchard? Well, Aaron has spent the last decade as a large animal veterinarian as well as raising crops and having a feedlot with Kia.

As a couple, Aaron thinks big picture and leaves Kia to the details and a life in agriculture is what they live day and night.

A small batch of ACV was made in 2023 and it flew off the shelves as customers tried it. The more we learned about ACV the more we realized the numerous benefits this product has for humans and animals. However, any bulk ACV to be utilized in livestock had flaws.

- Glass bottles

- Pasteurization - a great concept except when it comes to a product such as this

- Only available in stores where you can't run in with your boots on

-Small packaging sizes that don't meet your volume needs

- Containers that fill your dumpster with unnecessary volume when empty

-Confusing label meant for humans that is hard to communicate to employees when it needs to be utilized

Sometimes it just takes two worlds to collide for a product to be brought to the marketplace that solves a problem - this is how GRIP-NIP came to be.

As consumers become more intrigued about how their food is grown, Nystrom Orchard has the unique ability to answer those questions with honesty and transparency as the public visits their orchard located on a fully operational diversified farm. It may start with a conversation about an apple, but it almost always turns into more. We know that you don't want tail biting and ear necrosis, but it happens. We have also had barn flows utilize it for overall gut health with great success. Let us help you with a tool to manage your pigs and be partners in supplying food to our growing world.

PS - Need to find your own taste of something great? Check out the rest of our operation via the links below! This is where pork becomes pork chops!

1 gallon collapsable bag

4 -1 gallon bags to a box