Orchard Pies

In 2013 Kia's sister-in-law asked if Nystrom Orchard could sell a few pies at a local Christian school fundraiser. Since then, the story of Nystrom Orchard pies has taken on a legend of it's own. 

Every year, a group of Kia's college friends comes for a weekend to make Dutch Apple Pies. The pies are now available in the orchard every fall fresh baked (pre-ordered) or frozen. 

We also love to make special orders for customers such as apple crisps, Cortland chutney, and individual apple crisps. They are a perfect way to say Thank You or I'm Thinking of You and taste a lot better than flowers! Go to our product page and place your order today! Local delivery available but shipping is not.


You may read more about this tradition published in John Deere's Homestead magazine at: https://www.johndeerehomestead.com/2019/06/10/pie-makes-it-all-better/