Orchard Pies

In 2013 Kia's sister-in-law asked if Nystrom Orchard could sell a few pies at a local Christian school fundraiser. Since then, the story of Nystrom Orchard pies has taken on a legend of it's own. 

Every year, a group of Kia's college friends comes for a weekend to make Dutch Apple Pies. The pies are now available in the orchard every fall fresh baked (pre-ordered) or frozen. 

We also love to make special orders for customers such as apple crisps, Cortland chutney, and individual apple crisps. They are a perfect way to say Thank You or I'm Thinking of You and taste a lot better than flowers! Please contact us for more details!


You may read more about this tradition published in John Deere's Homestead magazine at: https://www.johndeerehomestead.com/2019/06/10/pie-makes-it-all-better/